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Customer Relationship Management

Cloud Business Books Customer Realationship Management 

Cloud Business Books CRM is a set of process that has been developed using technology to increase business profit by better customer interaction. Customer Service, Ticket raising, Support,Task Team definitions, Work flow definitions,Escalation Matrix definitions contribute to its uniqueness of Cloud Business Books CRM.


Customer Relationship Management/ Help Desk Management module submits trouble tickets (form-based support requests) through your web site. Help desk representatives can also raise the ticket on behalf of the customer. As a result you can ensure multiple modes of ticket raising i.e via phone or from the website . Help Desk Management software is a tracking tool that enables your team to track, route and manage customer support requests. As a result, your organization can provide efficient and superior service, with increased customer satisfaction and retaining satisfied and loyal customers.


CRM and Help desk Management Software comprises of ticketing, work force management, task team definitions work flow and escalation matrix. The support request can be routed to the specialized team in the department based on the skill. Efficient escalation matrix ensures effective control.


Features of Cloud Business BooksCRM


  • Trouble Ticket Numbering: Our solution will create unique ticket numbers for the complaints/trouble tickets

  • Multi Category External User , Multi-location capabilities Support with different rights .

  • Department Support: It is Capable for supporting multi department access. Respective cases of the tickets can be routed to the respective departments

  • Provision for Categorizing: Severity/ Priority based tagging facility is available each tickets.

  • Auto Routing & Manual Routing Support: The Software is a having facility for auto routing and manual routing of cases from the help-desk to respective department

  • Cloud Business Books CRM Module supports role based access control for the internal users and that enables privacy an d security of the data.

  • Allows external user login to the system and know the status of the complaint he has raised. If the complaint is unaddressed over a period of time, the user can follow up the same through the system.

  • Cloud Business Books CRM Software application, the customers /beneficiaries can register their complaints through Web Portal/Through help desk. In iBusiness suite CRM is having an upgrade feature of integrate with IVR and Call routing facilities.

  • The Help Desk System is having provision for defining escalation matrix and it will be automatically escalated through the departments using organizational hierarchies as defined in the system.

  • The system supports building of predefined skill based task teams to handle each nature of complaints under respective departments. iBusiness suite CRM also supports inter-department team building to handle tasks which need to be handled jointly by multiple departments

  • Cloud Business Books CRM software having user friendly dash boards too track complaints, work in progress and escalation if any of the cases.

  • Provision for multiple mod e of communication like E-mail/ SMS Alerts etc

  • In the application you can get the complete case history of each customer issues information like Observations, Actions taken, complaint status, against each complaint, pending work status etc. And also can identify frequent failure points.

  • Extensive MIS and Reports: Department wise, Executive wise, Customer wise, Docket Status wise (Eg. Submitted /Processing /Closed etc.) Search: Docket Number Basis/ Subject/ Body/ Keyword Basis

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